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Blurring the Lines

My Pecha Kucha

It takes a lot of guts for a photographer to proudly get up in front of a sold-out theater and show off ‘out of focus’ photos on a huge screen. I knew that not everybody would ‘get it’ nor would they appreciate it, but I didn't let that stop me. I had to tell the story behind why I take these crazy photos. I tried to explain that there is a fine line between reality and fantasy and my series of photos illustrated how the line that separates our reality and illusion can be blurred. So what exactly is reality anyway? We all LOOK at the same world, but no two people SEE the same thing. Photographers all look at and interpret what they are shooting with their own unique style. This is the art of photography – stamping our own signature on everything we shoot. A photographer’s unique style is a reflection of their own personal reality or even their own personality. Through this abstract body of work, I share my own personal reality and explain how I use photography to reinforce my belief that Reality is what you make of it. It’s up to each of us what we create in our lives. Why not create something beautiful?

I am so fascinated by this concept that I continue to alter reality with my abstract photos. I struggle with photographing landscape because I feel like I'm just documenting what is obvious and thousands of other people will end up with nearly identical photos. Where's the fun or challenge in that? Then there's wildlife photography and that's even harder for me because it requires patience and luck. You have no control over what animals or weather will do and this puts the photographer at the mercy of the good luck photo gods. I don't want to rely on perfect weather or timing. If the world in front of my eyes isn't picture perfect, I bend the Universe and make it so. I create my own beautiful reality everywhere I go.

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